Fiverr Tips

Fiverr Tips

In this post, I share a few Fiverr Tips that I have come to learn and I hope they may help you. 

So first off, these are Fiverr tips that I have picked up from my own experience. I had joined Fiverr a few years ago to purchase a few gigs but I only began selling my services on the platform since last year. During that time, I have made close to $6000 while only doing this part-time.


Now, before we get into the tips, I’ll explain what Fiverr is and why you should take a look at it. is a website for freelancers to show off their skills and get paid. If you have any talents, skills or anything at all that you are good at, you can earn on Fiverr. You simply create a gig.

A gig is just a small template telling people what you are good at and what services you can provide for them. Your gigs can be about anything. My main gig was building Shopify stores for people. I made well over 100 stores and was rewarded handsomely for my efforts.

Okay so here are my tips to get you started:


Tips #1: Pick a gig you are good at

Now, when I just decided to become a freelancer on Fiverr I already knew that I was going to be building Shopify stores as I was doing this already for people and making some good change.

The key here is to choose something that you are good at, passionate about and something that is high in demand.

I could have done a variety of stuff relating to web/graphic designs such as a logo or WordPress sites but Shopify was and still is a booming niche to dive into.

Tips #2: Use the right tags and descriptions

Now once you have decided what you will be doing you should use the Fiverr search feature to find similar gigs in your niche. For me, a simple search for Shopify Store was enough. This brought up many gigs similar to what I intended to do.

Once you do that, you need to choose a few of the gigs you find. You will look at them to see what their descriptions are like and what tags they are using. Tags are very important as they are what will let fiverr know where to rank your gig. You should choose about 5 different gigs, three of the tops sellers and two of the newcomers who have gotten a few sales recently.

Look at their descriptions and model yours from that, do not copy, just use them as a guide. Use the most popular tags to get started.


Tip #3: Purchase your own gig

Now once your gig is set up you will need to have friends of yours purchase the gig for you and leave you a good review. This is very important as it gets you going ad Fiverr will send more traffic to your gig. If you don’t get any sales within the first week or so your gig will be thrown to the back of the pile so as your friends to help you out.

For me, just one day after I set up my first gig a complete stranger purchased. And since then I have been getting consistent sales every month. I began making upwards of $1000 in my first month because of this.


Tip #4: Charge the right price

Now, you must charge the right price for your work. Don’t think that because you are new you must charge the lowest fees to get buyers. People will pay well for good work. I was charging between $60-$200 for each website.

Often times, I ask the buyers for their budgets instead of giving them a price because they usually are will to pay way more than I would charge. But don’t cheat them. If they say they will give you $500 for something that is only worth $300 just charge $400 and could the extra dollars as a tip. Tell them you are giving them a discount and they will love you for it.

To have a good idea of what you will be charging you need to get the exact details of the project. Ask the right questions so that you know exactly what needs to be done and in what time frame.

Tip #5: Be more friendly than business like


You have to treat your clients as if they are good friends you really want to see succeed, not like a piggy bank. Offer them tips, do a bit extra work for them that they didn’t expect, check up on them weeks after you complete the gig.

By doing stuff like above you will build long-term relationships that will surpass fiverr.


Now, lastly, Always stay logged in and respond to your messages in a timely fashion.

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Please let me know if you have any more questions on how to get started or if you need any more Fiverr Tips. I am just an email away.


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