Evergreen Traffic Academy Review

Evergreen Traffic Academy Review 

My honest review about Evergreen Traffic Academy with you as well as a cool bonus that you won’t want to miss!

Evergreen Traffic Academy will be launched on the 28 of November 2018 at 10 am. The launch price will be $13 and will go up from there so if you are interested in grabbing this product after watching my review then please do so before the price rise with my links that you can find below.

Evergreen Traffic Academy Review
Evergreen Traffic Academy Review

So first off, I highly recommend this product for several reasons.

  • I know the creators of Evergreen Traffic Academy and have spoken to them personally on many occasions and they are both the real deal. Very honest, professional and surprisingly caring.
  • This course is perfect for newbies trying to get started online. I do believe that if you follow the methods in this course you will make your very first reliable income online quickly.
  • I have gone through the course myself. It’s solid and something that I am using myself right now. This is my main business.
  • It works.
So just what is Evergreen Traffic Academy?

This is a course that teaches people how to drive a lot (and I do mean a lot) of free, highly targeted traffic to any blog, website, video, page, product or service. Then it shows you how to use this traffic to make easy daily commissions like a badass.

Here’s a look inside my member’s area: P.S. I was humbled to have received review access.

Evergreen Traffic Academy Review

The course is covered by Greg Kononenko and is published by him alongside his partner Stephan Ciancio. Greg has a really lovely teaching style that is simple yet effective.

Evergreen Traffic Academy shows you how to use Pinterest, youtube and SEO traffic to supercharge your business quickly. I personally really like the Pinterest method as it is so fast and has high-quality traffic. I was also surprised at how fast Greg’s youtube channel grew to 10k followers. With that amount of followers, he is earning roughly $40 daily just from the videos he uploaded previously to youtube. That’s pretty sweet.

Youtube has its drawbacks such as having to be on camera and needing to build your channel first so I haven’t gotten to that just yet. The SEO training is absolutely stunning. I have never seen this information anywhere else online and I will be combining this with Pinterest to have a mixture of complete stability and speed. You really need to see this.

Evergreen Traffic Academy Review
Evergreen Traffic Academy Review

See above the type of results they are getting?

Evergreen Traffic Academy also shows you how to set up a blog really quickly in any niche you like. It’s simple. After that, all you have to do when you are ready to make money is to create a blog post, drive traffic to it using a combination of the methods I mentioned above then watch the money flow. Of course, you are taught the best ways to monetize your website as well.

Create a blog post (no more than 300 words) – drive traffic (free, fast, buyer traffic) – then make money. It’s that simple.

So my final thoughts. This is a rock solid product that I recommend 10/10. I believe if you practice what they preach then you will be successful very fast.

They have several upsells but I won’t mention them today because I really think the front end product is way more than enough to get you well on your way.

Please leave a comment below to let me know what you liked about my this review and what you think that I could improve on. Thank you.

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My Evergreen Traffic Academy Bonus

Okay, if you are thinking of picking this up from me I will include one special bonus for you. A step by step training on how to grow your facebook audiences to 1000s of people and followings within 1 week in any niche. Now that you have a hungry audience I will show you how to make $100 daily from them with each post. All you have to do is pick this course up with my link above/below and shoot me an email at thrionmitchell at yahoo.com with your payment details and I will email the course to you right away. P.S. People are using this training to make over $3000 monthly just from posting to their facebook page and it’s probably even better than anything else you have ever see.

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